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June 8, 2017

“I would recommend David Spence Inc. to the Pope!” said Chris Foreman

David Spence, owner of DSI Construction in Riverview, FL, met Chris Foreman once before diving into a $250,000.00 remodel on his home. “He was serving with the Army in Afghanistan, and he only had one day he could meet me in between deployments,” Spence says. Foreman quickly assessed Spence’s character that day, he says: “When you’re in a war zone, you can tell by a few questions whert someone’s full of it or not.”

Foreman sized up Spence and hired him to remodel his kitchen and bathroom. They communicated via email and skype during the deployment and Spence tore out a wall in the kitchen, added a new support beam and installed drywall, electrical, plumbing and fixtures.

Foreman later hired Spence to continue remodeling the rest of the house over the course of two years. During the remodel, the pair’s overseas conversations sometimes provided drama. “One time the phone went dead, and [Foreman} called me back hours later and said, “Sorry about that, a [rocket-propelled grenade] came in only 6 inches away from my hooch and didn’t explode, but they shut down communications any time that happens,” Spence says.

When Spence completed the work in 2012 and Foreman finished his deployment, Spence picked him up at 2 AM at the airport so he could be there when the Army ver first saw the house. “It was amazing to see the joy in his face,” Spence says. “It was an honor to build his dream and show my appreciation for what he was doing for our country.”

“David’s got a real hometown flavor thing going on, where he’s upfront with his cost and doesn’t hit you with surprises when it’s time for the bill” Foreman says. “I would recommend DSI to the pope!”

The pair continues to maintain a strong friendship. “We’ll be lifelong friends,” Spence says.

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