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What Does The Process For A Home Remodel Look Like?

Video Transcript

What Does The Home Remodeling Process Look Like?
What is the process for remodeling look like? Wow. When you first come in and everything is being destroyed, you really ask yourself “was this right decision?” “Are we doing the right thing?” And then as things start going back together, the the other questions arise. But it’s start getting exciting as things are coming back together. When you look at the trades and other different things that are going on and the project might seem to stall but there are so many things are going on behind the scenes.

And then finally to the end with things really start coming together, the colours are going on the wall, the doors are being installed and various things are happening at the tail end of construction and the dream is really coming alive. It's really an emotional rollercoaster to be able to go through a large-scale remodeling or new construction project. So being prepared for what that emotional rollercoaster is, as well as the financial roller coaster, to make sure that clear expectations are set by the contractor. It should be manageable and it should be a fun process. As long as you know things are going to be torn up, as long as you know things are going to be put back together, you know that you can trust that contractor, you know you can trust those employees, every time you pick up the phone somebody answers the call and if they don't have the answer they get the answer back to you swiftly and quickly, then really what more could we ask? I think that's important difference between David Spence Incorporated and any other companies out there is that we have mastered that process and we look forward to helping you