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How Long Will My Home Remodeling Project Take?

The term “change order” is directly tied into when are you going to be done? “Dave, my goodness, when are you going to be done?” Well we had the time line established at the beginning of the project, with the original scope of work, but we changed that wall color three times. Well that takes more time and more money. And then we changed the faucet - twice. The cabinets they were stained the same but the flooring ,on my goodness, that was out of stock so we had to reselect. How many changes are we going to have? “This project may never end” Ah, just kidding, we’ll help you with all of those decisions. We’ll help you with all of those challenges. We’ll work through them quickly and swiftly. We may not meet that original deadline if there's a lot of changes, however, you will know with each change how much added time will be needed for each scope of work change.