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Does My Home Remodeling Project Need A Permit?

Permitting...one of the questions that we get quite frequently.
Does everything need to be permitted? The answer to that is “no”. However, there are a lot of things that do need to be permitted, and should be permitted, that are directly tied to your insurance to your home. Some additions and things that are done can't be insured because they were not permitted. You’ll have to disclose that when you're selling the house - that you did in addition or something without a permit. Windows, doors, the envelope of the house, structural defects, something that was rotted on the outside of the house, the stucco was falling off of the house. There are so many different things. Get with a licensed contractor and ensure the fact that they are duly licensed to be able to pull those permits, to be able to take care of those problems and move forward ensuring the fact that years later that doesn't come back to bite you.