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How To Choose The Right Materials For Your Home Remodeling Project

Regarding materials in your project, what's the difference between good, better and best? What do we use and what do some other contractors use? Well, I certainly can’t answer the question for what other contractors do but I can tell you about the good, better, best. Our minimum standards are slightly higher than that what you would find from a big box builder. Big box builders typically have problems that happen within the first 5 years of the house because of the minimum building code being just that…the minimum building code.

When you're calling a remodeling contractor’s, a lot of time what you are looking for is to improve what was originally done to ensure the fact that those problems don't exist again. Is there a way to avoid it? We sure can help you with that. Some examples that I might give you would be: Hardiebacker in your shower instead of drywall, Not using drywall outside on the ceilings of your porches that sag and fall off.

There are multiple different materials that we can use that have been tested and have been proven to work in the state of Florida for years and years and years.